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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hi everybody! I'm so sad I missed last week. I'm still a little wonky, but I'm definitely going to be there this week! You guys talked about hex color codes in class, and I didn't have a homework assignment for you, but my mom did! If you figured out the colors of the rainbow in hex code, that's awesome!

This week, since I wasn't there last week, we'll be talking about the style, layout, and function of your website. Think about the questions I sent out last week, and come with ideas for answers. We'll play around with more code that will help your website become function, and maybe get into blogging some more.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week Three

Hi everybody! Last week we talked a little bit more about the structure and syntax of HTML code, and then challenged ourselves to use a sample code to create our own websites. Most people created at least the skeleton of a website.

Your CHALLENGE (it sounds much more fun than homework!) is to continue playing with the code you've already created, and come up with a design for the website you want to make. You can draw it on paper, or use Microsoft Word, but I want you to figure out what it's about and how you want it to function. Is it a blog about you? Is it for embedding games or videos? Is it about your dog, or your favorite books, or origami, or how you've proven that unicorns exist? Find an idea and build on it!

A couple things to think about:
What name should it use?
What colors fit the theme?
How will people find the different links on the page?
What will people think my website is about in the first 10 seconds?
How can I make it easy to use and find information?
What makes my website different from every other website?

In class this week we'll be learning how to style your website. This includes adding colors and images, and changing the text fonts and sizes.

If you still have questions about what we've covered so far, email me or search for answers--it covers almost everything!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week One

In class we talked about the history of computers and the internet, and how WE can influence the future of  technology when we know how. The homework assignment was (1) to brainstorm an idea for a website that you're passionate about, and (2) to explore the source code of your favorite websites and see if you can figure out what the different tags do. You can do that by back-clicking on any website and clicking "View Source Code" (or something similar).

If you want to get ahead, some great resources for learning about HTML are and